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Personalized sweatshirts are a popular type of clothing, appropriate in any closet. Cozy knitted sweatshirts will keep you warm not only in winter, but also in cool summer evenings. They can be worn for a walk, sports ground or even to the office, together with voluminous jackets, which are at the peak of popularity today. In T-shirtPrint you can order a sweatshirt with any design. It is possible to produce both single copies and wholesale batches.

Advantages of buying a personalised sweatshirt from us

Express printing

Express printing within 24 hours (please check with manager +357 97 423 424 for availability within 24 hours)

Printing from 1 pc

Print a photo, inscription or any other image

Application methods — DTF, thermo transfer, embroidery

We will apply a print or logo to your sweatshirt in any way you choose.

Custom printed sweatshirts with your own print — Cyprus, Limassol

T-shirtPrint offers printed sweatshirts for men, women, and children. There are products made of quality knitwear from B&C.

Our monochrome sweatshirts are perfect for printing drawings, inscriptions, and logos. Ordering a product with a print, you can prepare an unforgettable surprise for your loved ones. Also, our products will interest the heads of companies. We will provide your employees with branded uniforms, and your marketing department — high-quality souvenir products.

Printing on sweatshirts can be carried out by different methods:

  • thermal transfer — a method of applying an image to textiles using thermal transfer film;
  • machine embroidery — the image is created by sewing threads through the fabric;
  • DTF printing — a film with the applied image is printed on an inkjet printer and then transferred to the fabric using a heat press.

Thanks to modern equipment and the use of high quality consumables, we give a guarantee not only on clothes from our catalog, but also on our prints.

Printed Sweatshirt

Branded print sweatshirts from T.S.P. are quite inexpensive - men's/women's print sweatshirts 32 €/piece, Products are also available for bulk orders from 10 pcs. price - 30 €/piece. Kids’ sweatshirts - 27 €/piece.

  • Men's
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Sweatshirt B&C

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Sample Works
We share interesting ideas and non-standard solutions with you.
We hope the sample work inspires you and your staff to create a unique look for you.

Tips for choosing customize sweatshirt from the company T-SHIRT PRINT

A sweatshirt with your print can become a bright accent of your closet, a unique gift for a loved one, or part of the corporate image. To ensure that the result exceeded expectations, when ordering a printed sweatshirt, pay attention to these nuances:

  1. Image size
    Make sure that the size of the image corresponds to the size of the sweatshirt. Images that are too large or too small can visually lose clarity. When creating a layout, position the image so that it looks harmonious on the chosen print location.
  2. Sweatshirt material
    Choose sweatshirts made from quality materials, such as cotton or synthetic fiber blends, for comfort and durability. Consider the characteristics of the material when deciding the type of printing — some methods are better suited for cotton, others for synthetics.
  3. Color matching in the design
    Make sure that the colors in your design are in harmony with the color of the sweatshirt. Choosing contrasting or similar shades can affect visual appeal. Remember that some colors may look different on different materials, so it's best to check color reproduction before ordering.
  4. Printing method
    The choice of printing method depends on the batch size, design features and budget. For example, direct printing is suitable for multicolor images with high detail, silk-screening and embroidery — for logos and simple designs. Consider the wash and environmental resistance of the print, especially if the sweatshirt will be used frequently.
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Care of custom sweatshirts

Sweatshirts with logo and other prints from T-shirtPrint retain color vibrancy from 30 to 50 washes (depending on the printing method). However, for the overall durability of the product is of great importance to care for the sweatshirt. To ensure that your item lasts a long time, stick to the following recommendations:

  1. Wash sweatshirts on delicate mode or hand wash to prevent unnecessary impact on the fibers of the fabric and to preserve the brightness of the colors of the print. Turn the sweatshirt over before washing to reduce friction and avoid damage to the image. Use a mild detergent without bleach.
  2. It is preferable to dry sweatshirts naturally, avoiding direct sunlight to prevent the colors from fading. If you use a dryer, choose a low temperature. High temperatures can damage the fibers and cause the material to shrink.
  3. It is best to iron a printed item on a low temperature. Ironing from the underside can also help maintain the quality of the print.
  4. Avoid contact of sweatshirts with harsh chemicals such as solvents and bleach to avoid damage to the material and print.
  5. Always follow the instructions on the manufacturer's label, as they may contain specific care recommendations for the item.

Following these recommendations will help you keep your custom sweatshirts in great condition for a long time.

Why to order a sweatshirt with your own print in T-SHIRT PRINT

At T-shirtPrint you can buy a sweatshirt with your own design by placing an order online. To do this, simply decide the model, color, and size of the product, and contact the store managers — they will help you to place an order.

Sweatshirts are available in a range of sizes, from XS to 2XL. Before ordering, check with the measurement guide, which is in the product description. As the print is made to order, returns are only possible if there is a manufacturing defect.

In Limassol, we provide customers with three options for picking up their orders: courier delivery, dispatch via AKIS Express service or the option of self-delivery from the store. For customers throughout Cyprus, delivery via AKIS Express is available and for international orders, delivery using TNT Worldwide is available.

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