How to fold a t-shirt properly

Keeping your closet, closet or dresser in order is an art that requires some skill. In this article, we want to offer simple recommendations on how to fold t-shirts neatly and compactly to avoid deformation of the fabric and to use the space efficiently.

Why is proper folding important?

The ancient Chinese art of organizing space feng shui says that a well-groomed and organized closet creates favorable energy in the home, promoting harmony and well-being of its inhabitants. Proper placement and stacking of things in the closet helps keep positive energy flowing and also improves the aesthetics of the space.

However, a neat, organized closet is more than just aesthetically pleasing. Keeping things in order can make your life much easier without much effort. First of all, it affects time saving - you don't have to spend time looking for the right thing if everything is neatly stacked and laid out. Besides, clutter in your closet can be a source of stress, while even the very process of putting things in order has an anti-stress effect. Especially if you are skilled at quickly folding t-shirts, shirts and other closet items.

Benefits of folding t-shirts properly:

  • neatly folded items take up less space than those that are just thrown in the closet;
  • When things are folded by category and color, it's easier to find what you're looking for;
  • neatly folded items give your closet a more aesthetically pleasing look;
  • proper folding helps to keep things in perfect condition, preventing them from warping and creasing.

Thus, proper folding of t-shirts in your closet not only saves space, but also helps to improve the overall order and usability of your closet.

How to quickly fold a T-shirt - the main ways of proper folding

Describe each step of the process: unfolding the t-shirt on a flat surface, folding the side edges, creating a triangular shape, etc.

Give detailed instructions for each step.

3 ways to fold a t-shirt quickly:

1. Classic method:

  • Lay the T-shirt out on a flat surface, face up;
  • mentally divide the T-shirt into three parts vertically;
  • bring the right and left parts of the T-shirt to the center line;
  • fold the T-shirt in half horizontally;
  • fold the T-shirt in half again to make a rectangle.

To fold a T-shirt as shown in the window, do the same thing, except in the first step, place the item face down.

2. The "Japanese" method:

  • Lay the T-shirt with the back side down on a horizontal surface;
  • fold the left and right parts to the middle, tucking in the sleeve if necessary;
  • fold the shirt in half so that the top of the shirt is in the front;
  • mentally divide the T-shirt across into three parts, fold it along the first marked line;
  • finally fold the item along the second line.

The items folded in this way can be stored vertically by folding them into a clothes organizer.

3. the "2-second method":

  • lay the T-shirt backside down and straighten it out;
  • mentally draw a horizontal cross line down the center of the garment, then draw a longitudinal line to the left of the neck so that it separates about a third of the shirt;
  • mark three points: A at the intersection of the two lines, B at the collar line, and C at the end of the lengthwise line;
  • grasp the fabric at point A with your left hand and at point B with your right hand;
  • holding the shirt in the middle, connect point B to point C;
  • holding the fabric at points B and C with your right hand, pull outward with your left hand to the center of the T-shirt where mark A is. Place the item horizontally on the table.
  • fold the T-shirt so that the front covers the protruding sleeve.

The garment can be left as it is or folded in half again.

A video tutorial on how to quickly fold a t-shirt is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uz6rjbw0ZA0

Tips and tricks for storing t-shirts

When organizing the storage of T-shirts, there are also a few secrets that help to maintain order in the closet. First, it is worth paying attention to the use of special organizers that are designed for folding clothes. These can be various drawers, baskets or shelves, contributing to a more efficient use of space.

In addition, it is useful to separate T-shirts by color or type, which will make it easier to find the right clothes and create a system of organization.

Maria Konda, author of numerous publications about organizing home space, recommends paying attention to vertical storage of T-shirts. This approach helps save space and makes it easier to access things without having to go through the entire stack.

In addition, you should avoid overloading closets and drawers, which will keep the order and condition of the clothes. It is important to periodically check the contents of your closet and get rid of unnecessary items.

The use of dividers or labels can also be useful for organizing and categorizing t-shirts according to different criteria.

Following these guidelines helps to store t-shirts more efficiently and conveniently, creating order and system in the closet.


In conclusion, this simple habit can have a significant impact on the order and organization of the closet, saving space and preventing wrinkled clothes. The folding techniques suggested in this article make this process quicker and outfit selection easier and more convenient. Try incorporating this habit into your daily life to create an orderly and cozy closet!

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