How to make your own T-shirt

There is no better way to emphasize your individuality than by making things with your own hands. Besides, handicrafts are a great way to realize your creative potential, and at the same time to put your thoughts and nervous system in order. So if you have a few simple T-shirts in your closet that you don't wear, in this article we'll share simple ideas on how to customize them.

Why make your own t-shirt?

Making a t-shirt with your own hands is an opportunity to add uniqueness and individuality to your style. Not only will it complement your closet, but it will also express your unique aesthetic and inner world.

Being able to create your own design also gives you ample opportunity to express yourself. You can incorporate your ideas, interests or beliefs into this design project, making each piece unique. Such a project immerses you in a creative atmosphere, allowing you to enjoy the process of creation. In addition, a hand made T-shirt can become an unusual and meaningful gift for loved ones, demonstrating your care and attention.

Creating a personalized T-shirt is not only a creative process, but also an opportunity for significant savings. Branded things cost a lot, but some couture ideas are easy enough to implement with your own hands, upgrading the basic model of T-shirt using budget funds. 

In the end, creating your own T-shirt is an opportunity not only to stand out from the crowd and save money, but also to enjoy the process of creativity and self-expression.

Materials and tools

To create a T-shirt with your own hands, you may need the following materials:

  • A basic t-shirt that you want to alter or decorate;
  • thread in the appropriate color for your t-shirt;
  • needles and/or a sewing machine;
  • if you plan to add appliques or embroidery, you will need templates to cut out the appropriate pieces, or ready-made appliques;
  • fabric paints (optional);
  • beads, lace, tulle, braid and other materials that you plan to use for decoration.

To work on the T-shirt, you will also need the following tools:

  • scissors;
  • needle and pins for attaching templates and details to the fabric before sewing;
  • a pencil or chalk to mark and label the fabric before cutting and sewing;
  • brushes or applicators (if using paints);
  • an iron and ironing board for finishing and ironing seams and appliques.

These materials and tools will help you create a unique T-shirt with your own hands with the design you choose.

Ideas on how to make your own t-shirt

Modern fashion trends are an inexhaustible source of inspiration, so you can simply open any Instagram channel dedicated to this topic to find ideas. Based on the results of spring shows, we can recommend the following ways to decorate a basic T-shirt:


Bows are the freshest fashion trent, seen in many spring-summer collections. Moreover, designers offer to decorate absolutely everything with them - from shoes to hairpins. T-shirts with bows of various sizes were also presented. But why pay more for "couture" clothes when you can take a boring monochrome T-shirt and a ribbon of any width? Here are some runway inspired ideas:


You can also make bows out of fabric by placing them on any part of the t-shirt:



Another cute and feminine trend, which was set by fashionistas last year - flowers. Moreover, in fashion as a 3D volume versions in the style of Chanel, and small multi-colored flowers, stitched in a scattering. You can buy ready-made fabric flowers for upgrading your T-shirt in a shop for needleworkers, or order them in China. Also on YouTube there are many videos on how to make three-dimensional flowers from different fabrics - from organza and satin to felt. And how to place them on the T-shirt is a matter of your imagination.


Beads, rhinestones, sequins, artificial pearls.

Decorating women's clothes with beads, sequins and pearls is not even a trend, but a classic technique. Let's see how designers propose to do it this year:


Feathers, fringe.

The fashion for such jewelry also often returns to the catwalks, so that clothes with fringe or feathers can be considered out of fashion. At the same time, if you take as a basis a simple monochrome T-shirt, and decorate it along the bottom of the product, it will turn out to be just as versatile, and will become the highlight of many everyday sets. You can buy ribbon with feathers or fringe in stores for sewing.




Products made of transparent organza and lace have flooded the shelves, but in everyday life clothes in lingerie style do not always look appropriate. But if you decorate a cotton T-shirt or T-shirt with guipure, you can be on trend without unnecessary transparency.



The realization of this trend will require some skills in embroidery. However, even if you are a complete beginner in this field, do not worry - we have selected for you the most minimalist options, which will not be difficult to implement.



The last idea is not so much related to fashion, but to the daring style of grunge. And it is very simple to execute - just buy a bunch of English pins and place them on the product.



Creating your own t-shirt is a great way to emphasize your uniqueness and individuality. This process allows you to express your ideas, style and passions through fashion, making each t-shirt unique and special. It is also very environmentally friendly. Hopefully, one of our ideas will appeal to you and give a second life to a tired item.

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